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Bruce Partridge.   

Bruce is an accomplished Executive Coach with over 40 years of business and life experience. A former CEO and Chief Operating Officer with many and varied business successes behind him, Bruce will enhance any business from an operational and holistic view.

 I can help draw your best out of you,  I am proud to say that I have had a positive influence on many successful people.

Book a Time In Bruces Calender- Free 30-minute Discovery Call.

I only work with those who want success and those who are committed.

Those who are willing to do the work.

Those who want to take their results to the next level and beyond.

If this is you submit your details and ill give you a "FREE: business discovery call to see if we have a fit.




A technical definition is:" Coaching is a collaborative, solution-focused, results-oriented systematic process in which the coach facilitates the enhancement of performance, self-directed learning, and personal growth of other individuals. in simple terms, a coach will bring about sustained positive change in an individual or group.

​To me, life is like a game. Games should be fun, right? 
I can help you get closer to winning this game. Create some wealth with a fulfilling lifestyle.
Are you playing a game?
Are you winning, losing, or just getting by?

Are you accepting a less-than-perfect result?

"What you choose to accept is what you should expect."

To win the game you need 6 things:

·       Knowledge

·       The correct attitude

·       The required skills

·       Belief

·       Desire

·       Action


Think of the difference it could make to your life, and your income if coaching could help you make some of those "almost successes" a reality. 

Sure, you can get some improvement by reading articles or purchasing books, but you'll make optimum progress when you work with a coach and practice the skills introduced.

As Sales/Business/ Life coach:

·       Over 35 years of experience to draw upon

·       I have an excellence belief program that will focus on perfection.

·       A consistent approach to excellence.

·       My goal is to get you to your goal.

​When we work together I can:

·       Help you attain the right mindset to Win the life Game.

·       Tailor solutions to your specific problems,

·       Support you with the skills you find difficult to acquire.

·       Help you understand your actions and how you think.

·       Hold yourself accountable so that you practice your             skills

·       Make sure you achieve "Your Success".

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