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Leadership/ Management 

Our team has direct experience in the following roles:

Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer, CEO, Network Development, Sales, After-sales , General Management, Sales & After-sales Management.

We continue to work with many heads of business and senior management teams (general management, sales after-sales, HR, and Finance) utilising a Swot Plus consultant to successfully provide coaching & a mentoring approach to create operational objectives & strategies.

Sample of areas covered:

  • Focusing on the Management team

  • Creating operational objectives & strategies

  • KPI Management

  • Reports: consolidated performance collected by several detailed data streams

  • Introduction of forecasting tools

  • Improvement in managerial efficiency

  • Increase in transparency between all departments; resulting in synergy to support dealer strategies and achieve common goals

  • Focus on areas such as customer satisfaction, daily improvement processes led at senior management level

  • Management & Performance Strategies & Work flow

  • Internal yearly objectives & strategies aligned with group & principals

  • Management processes

  • Analysis of performance

  • Achievement of departmental annual objectives & strategies

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